About us

Welcome to the Chalmion Studio's official website!

Who are we?

At the Chalmion Studios' base is a young man, alone in front of his computer, programming games with Fortran 77, in hope that they would profit to some others one day or another.

The story shows that one day, his mind found this name, "chalmion", by playing with his own name's letters… He thought that it sounds good and fixed it. Afterwards, he grab some contributors to help him in his hard work. He needed some beta-testers, designers, ideas, and other things… lately he grounded a small group, highly available (at least sometimes!) to abide him on the way.

One day, one of his collaborators got the idea - strange indeed - to build a website and make possible for others to get fruits of the work of the Studio. Some times later, the one who threw the idea, seeing that nobody started the work and contributed, decided to do it himself and to code the site. Result is before your eyes!

We must notice that today, the Studio is no more dependent on one unique person in the game building but that this group had grown and now counts two people!!!

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